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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Coherent

Coherent goal is to be the core infrastructure that provides web3 application layer data. We provide easy-to-use APIs that allow application developers to build rich user experiences with little effort. All of our enriched APIs provide truly useful data points for creating web3 applications - no more hard-to-read hashes, only human-readable data on wallets and users. Easy to use, simple to read. That’s our goal.

What does Coherent do?

Coherent provides a singular framework for web3 developers using user data, reducing development time, cost, and complexity with next-gen tools that unify different chains.

Why should developers use Coherent?

Coherent provides a better workflow for building high-performance web3 apps and is fully compatible with your favorite web3 tools and services. We supply developers with a managed and infinitely scalable blockchain infrastructure, allowing you to devote your full attention to front-end development. We cut the cost and complexity of developing web3 apps so that you can launch your creation in minutes or days, rather than weeks or months.

What blockchains/networks does Coherent support?

Coherent currently supports the following blockchains:

With plans to add more soon!

How much does Coherent cost?

Coherent uses a pay as you go model. Our pricing is transparent and priced per api call. Only use and pay for what you need.

Why is "Pay as You Go" a better model than most?

Other companies lock you in to specific tiers where you're required to pay for a fixed number of requests. At Coherent we offer a low, flat rate per request that makes it easy to forecast price based on usage.

Are there discounts for larger deals?

Yes. For enterprise clients we offer discounts per API call. If you plan on doing high volume of requests, contact us directly and we'll figure out how to make our pricing work with your usage.