August 4, 2022

As platform engineers at Coinbase, we witnessed the many problems present in the incumbent platforms and APIs available to developers today - they go down frequently, require tons of repetitive infrastructure on top of them to be usable for applications, and simply pass on the complicated data from blockchains with no improvements on ease-of-use for developers.

We founded Coherent to enable developers to effortlessly build web3 applications. No rate-limiting, no complicated transaction hashes to decipher - instead, we’ll be reliably providing high-fidelity, multi-chain data purposefully parsed to be quickly understandable and immediately usable. Our vision is to be the central platform for all Web3 developers where useful, user-centric data across all chains can be easily obtained.

Today we’re excited to announce our $4.5 million seed round led by Kindred Ventures, Foundry Group, and Matchstick Ventures. This team has deep knowledge of building both in web3 as well as traditional API infrastructure, and they’re the perfect partners as we think about building and scaling Coherent.

Also joining the round: Coinbase Ventures, Awesome People Ventures, Draft Ventures, Moonbase Capital, Chapter One, Istari Ventures, Rob Witoff, Dan Romero, Justin Mart, Brenner Spear, Patrick Chang, Michael Montano, Christian Strat, Alex Treece, and several others.

We’ve also entered into a strategic partnership with Alchemy, where our team will be working closely with the Alchemy team to develop and distribute our API products.

Lastly, we’ve launched our alpha! Reach out to us on Twitter @coherentapi or fill out this form so we can get you onboarded. And if working on these kinds of problems sounds interesting to you, we’re hiring a few more senior engineers, so reach out if you’d love to join along for the ride.

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