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Our mission is to help custody solutions, portfolio trackers, dapps and wallets power web3 money management experiences in minutes instead of months.

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Human-readable Data

Gone are the days of unreadable cryptic hashes. Human readable tagging and actually useful datapoints on everything.

Enterprise Grade Reliability

Tight SLAs. Built by a team that has shipped services to millions of users and served billions of requests.

Multi-chain by Default

Easily integrate many chains. Fetch multichain NFTs, transaction histories, and credentials.

How we'll power your Web3 Growth


Estimated reduction in time to market

Build your web3 app faster than ever before.


Data points

Every transaction across the EVM eco-
system aggregated in a single API.

High rate limits

Serving all your data needs

Build products that scale quickly with your business.



Know that you are in good hands with our reliable services.

The only key you need for Web3.

Human readable transactions for every EVM chain

We're indexing every EVM chain and providing human readable transactions for every transaction in the user's wallet, all available through a single API call

User Credentials

DAO memberships? Onchain achievements? Our credentials suite is a one stop shop for your user's on chain activity

Entire NFT libraries at your fingertips

Floor price, collection stats, and metadata for every NFT, backed by a world-class CDN

Powerful tools for every developer



Coherent API

10,000 CUs / month

Transaction History, NFTs, and Credentials

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$50 / mo

Up to 1m CUs / month

Higher Throughput

Auto Scaling for Growth

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Custom Limits

Industry leading SLAs

Support channel with our engineering team

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We've got you covered!

What is Coherent?

Coherent goal is to be the core infrastructure that provides web3 application layer data. We provide easy-to-use APIs that allow application developers to build rich user experiences with little effort. All of our enriched APIs provide truly useful data points for creating web3 applications - no more hard-to-read hashes, only human-readable data on wallets and users. Easy to use, simple to read. That’s our goal.

What does Coherent do?

Coherent provides a singular framework for web3 developers using user data, reducing development time, cost, and complexity with next-gen tools that unify different chains.

Why should developers use Coherent?

Coherent provides a better workflow for building high-performance web3 apps and is fully compatible with your favorite web3 tools and services. We supply developers with a managed and infinitely scalable blockchain infrastructure, allowing you to devote your full attention to front-end development. We cut the cost and complexity of developing web3 apps so that you can launch your creation in minutes or days, rather than weeks or months.

What blockchains/networks does Coherent support?

Coherent currently supports the following blockchains:


With plans to add more soon!

How much does Coherent cost?

Coherent has three different account types. Starter, pro, and enterprise. The starter is the perfect place to see how much value we can add.

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